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In Tempo has adopted

The American Contract Bridge League's Zero Tolerance Policy

 Behavior that is considered rude, boorish or unsportsmanlike receives a 1/4 board penalty

The following are some examples of intolerant behaviors:

  • ​Badgering, rudeness, insinuations, intimidation, profanity, threats, or violence 
  • ​Negative comments concerning partner's or opponent's play or bidding. 
  • ​Constant or gratuitous lessons and analyses at the table (that's why we have postmortem) 
  • Loud and disruptive arguing with director's ruling 

We encourage everyone to be friendly, greet others when they arrive at the table, be a good host (or guest), be encouraging to your partner and opponent's.  Call the director by using a pleasant voice and saying "director please". ​​